The Safe, Environmentally Friendly Way To Kill Mosquitos & Insects

Although it requires some work in swinging, it was the most effective and rewarding. You go out to meet swarming mosquitos with this thing and you immediately hear the snap crackle and pops of the mosquitos that are being zapped that were trying to bite you!

Electric Mosquito Swatter

Original price was: $49.Current price is: $22.


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Don’t Suffer From Mosquitos Anymore!

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Get rid of pesky bugs in an instant with the innovative Bug Zapper.

This fly and mosquito zapper makes it easier to catch bugs with its unique tennis racket design and (safe for humans to touch) electrical surface.

Catch bugs mid-flight with its large surface and handy LED light that’s ideal for use at night.

The fly zapper also features a USB charging outlet so you can easily charge up the racquet for whenever you need it.

Enjoy peace of mind and a bug-free home with the Bug Zapping Racket.

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Original price was: $49.Current price is: $22.

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The protective grids on both sides of the handheld files killer , not only protect the middle electric mesh from being damaged, but mainly prevent people from being shocked when using

LED Lighting System

Built-in LED bulb not only can help you find and attract the mosquito but also light your road in need. The other LED bulbs as an indicator show if the fly swatter racquet is working normally and charged fully

Built-in Li-battery charged by USB

The built-in 18650 Li-battery with 1,000mAh capacity supports a long time continuous use after one time full charging for the electronic fly zapper. USB charging makes it convenient to be recharged, whenever and wherever and never worry about the safety any more

Quality Guarantee

Brand new ABS materials make the zapper swatter bright and look shiny. The firm frame makes it not easy to collapse thus provides services for a long time.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is an electric mosquito swatter?
An electric mosquito swatter, also known as an electric bug zapper or bug swatter with batteries, is a handheld device that uses electric current to kill flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. It is designed to provide a convenient and effective way to eliminate bugs.
How does an electric bug zapper work?
An electric bug zapper works by using an electric grid or mesh that emits a high-voltage current when activated. When a flying insect comes into contact with the grid while the swatter is swung or pressed against it, it gets electrocuted, effectively killing the insect.
Are electric mosquito swatters safe to use?
Electric mosquito swatters are generally safe to use when used properly. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and exercise caution when handling the device, especially around children and pets. Avoid touching the grid while the swatter is activated.
Can I use an electric bug zapper indoors?
Yes, electric bug zappers can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the model. Some swatters are designed specifically for indoor use, while others are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It’s important to check the product specifications and usage guidelines.
How effective are electric mosquito swatters?
Electric mosquito swatters can be highly effective in eliminating flying insects when used correctly. They offer a hands-on approach, allowing you to target and kill bugs in real-time. However, their effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as insect species, swatter design, and user technique.
Do electric bug swatters require batteries?
Yes, most electric bug swatters require batteries to operate. The specific battery type and quantity vary depending on the model. It’s important to ensure that the batteries are properly inserted and have enough charge for optimal performance.
Can I use an electric mosquito swatter on other pests besides mosquitoes?
While electric mosquito swatters are primarily designed to target mosquitoes, they can also be effective against other flying insects like flies and gnats. However, they may not be as effective against crawling insects or larger pests.
Can I use an electric bug zapper near water or in wet conditions?
No, it is not recommended to use an electric bug zapper near water or in wet conditions. Water can conduct electricity and pose a safety hazard. It’s important to keep the swatter dry and avoid using it in rainy or damp environments.
How do I clean an electric mosquito swatter?
To clean an electric mosquito swatter, ensure that the device is turned off and remove the batteries if applicable. Use a soft cloth or brush to gently wipe away any debris or insect remains from the grid. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions on the swatter.
Can electric bug swatters be used by children?
Electric bug swatters should be used by responsible adults or under adult supervision. They are not toys and should be kept out of reach of children. It’s important to prioritize safety and educate children about the potential dangers of the device.
Electric mosquito swatters, electric bug zappers, and bug swatters with batteries offer a convenient and effective solution for eliminating flying insects. With their easy-to-use design and portability, they provide an alternative to traditional insect repellents. Remember to use the device responsibly and follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


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